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Schnelles Touren-Kajak

Die REBEL Kayaks werden bei uns immer beliebter und auf mehrfachen Wunsch haben wir nun auch den JARA LV im Programm. Es ist ein schmales Touren / Seekajak, was durch den stumpfen Heckspiegel eine sehr lange Wasserlinie hat und sich flott paddeln läßt.

Die bekannt gute Qualität der Ausstattung runden das ganze Erscheinungsbild ab. Unser Lagerboot ist am Oberdeck rot-weiß und am Unterschiff weiß, Süllrand und Naht sind rot.

Technische Details

  • Maße: 530 x 52 cm
  • Gewicht: ca. 21 Kg.
  • Zuladung: 125 Kg.
  • Cockpit innen: 78 x 42

Beschreibung von Johannes Wirsen, dem REBEL Kajak-Designer

First of all, Jara is a fast touring kayak…but it’s also a mix of many ideas. These kayaks come in two sizes, depending on your needs, or how much stuff you want to bring along. Or maybe you want to have a workout boat that also can take some gear in a while? They both have the same Swedeform shaped hull with a hard chin and with a fine entry through the water with its smooth shape of the bow. The more volume in the rear also makes it easy to catch the surf and gain a lot of speed downwind.

First of al it’s a skeg-boat, but if you prefer a rudder it will also respond well. It also feastures a hard chined shallow V-shaped hull. It has the same deck layout as on our “Husky” or “Big Dog”. It’s easy to roll, low aft deck. It features stainless steel rods for a towing system or for roof rack security plus has multiple decklines for all of your gear. Our challenge was to create a fast but maneuverable kayak with good stability. Make sure to try one out!